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Luxury Vinyl Finishes

There has been a paradigm shift in market demand for Luxury Vinyl flooring finishes in lieu of tile flooring. TSG has

has engaged with a couple of well received Luxury Vinyl companies. The reviews from our contractors and home

owners has been extremely positive. This Luxury Vinyl is exceptionally designed and comes with a Lifetime Warranty 

in residential application. The Luxury Vinyl offers an excellent array of designs featuring wood, stone, standard tiles

and mosaic designs. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you at our Showroom & Design Center. 

Karndean RKP8110 Antique French Oak_Open
Karndean RKP8109 Reclaimed French Oak_Op
Karndean LLP305_ReclaimedHeartPine_RS_RE
Karndean LLP112_Hartford_RS_Res_Living-R
Karndean LM27 Washburn Kitchen_RES_rooms
Karndean VGW70T_Smoked-Oak_RS_Res_Hallwa
Karndean VGW95T_Lime-Washed-Cypress_RS_R
Karndean KP96_Mid-Limed-Oak_RS_Res_Bathr
Karndean VGW86T_Classic-Oak_RS_Res_Bathr
Karndean SP111_SP115_Luna_Nero_RS_Res_Ba
Karndean LM15_LM16_Otono_Fiore_RS_Res_Ki
Karndean VGW53T_Wellington-Oak_RS_Res_Be
Karndean EW03_Hickory-Nutmeg_RS_Res_Hall
HF Tungsten
HF Fermium
HF Iron
HF Cobalt
HF Copernicium
HF Copper
HF Cerium
HF Palladium
HF Iridium
HF Zinc

   Luxurious Finishes

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