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Paver Finishes

Outdoor living and entertaining is paramount in any home setting whether you are just adding on a patio or building an outdoor kitchen extravaganza. The Stone Gallery has the right paving products to add elegance and beauty to any outdoor living space. We offer a wide variety of natural stone (Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone  and much more) and manufactured stone (Porcelain, Clay and Concrete) products in various sizes and patterns. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you at our Showroom & Design Center in creating “Your Idea In Stone.”

Afyon Cloud Design - Sandblasted 3_previ
bluestone patio ocean view
20304 Private Residence (BH Design) (8).
Deep Blue -Sandblasted 48_preview
Deep Blue - Antiqued 25_preview
Crema Eda - Sandblasted 64_preview - Cop
Afyon Cloud -Sandblasted_preview - Copy.
FP Desert Gold, 4x9 Gold Coping
Terra Antiqued 3
F-OakvilleAutumnBrown (004)
F2-OakvilleBlueIce (003)
Crema Eda Sandblasted 1
Crema Eda Rosa Sandblasted 3
Crema Eda Rosa Sandblasted 2
Crema Eda Antiqued 2
Crema Eda Antiqued 1
Crema Eda Rosa  Antiqued 2
Crema Eda Rosa  Antiqued 1
Avena Antiqued 3
Afyon Cloud Antiqued 1
Avena Antiqued 2
Avena Antiqued 1
Afyon Cloud Sandblasted 3
Terra Antiqued 3
Grano Silver Antiqued 2
Grano Silver Antiqued 3
Grano Silver Antiqued 1
Grano Antiqued 2
Grano Antiqued 3
Deep Blue Antiqued 2
Deep Blue Sandblasted 3
Grano Antiqued 1
Deep Blue Sandblasted 2
Deep Blue Sandblasted 1
Crema Eda Sandblasted 3
Crema Eda Sandblasted 2
Deep Blue Antiqued 1
Afyon Cloud Sandblasted 1 - Copy
Afyon Cloud Sandblasted 2 - Copy
Afyon Cloud Antiqued 1 - Copy
Afyon Cloud Antiqued 2 - Copy
Afyon Cloud Design - Sandblasted 3_previ
F-OakvilleAutumnBrown (004)
Terra Antiqued 1
Terra Antiqued 2
Terra Antiqued 4
TSG 5 Deep Blue - Sandblasted 1_preview.
Grano Silver Antiqued 2 - Copy


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